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Become a Unique Websites Accredited Sales Agent

Imagine owning your very own internet empire!

A Unique Websites Agency can be your ticket to financial and lifestyle freedom. Work the hours you want, where you want, with this exciting, rewarding and profitable business opportunity.

If you’ve ever considered you'd like to be a part of the massive small and medium business website market, but have been worried by the competitiveness of the industry, the high barrier to entry of starting-up yourself, or the upfront cost of purchasing a franchise, then perhaps this opportunity is for you.

A Unique Websites Agency is perfect for people who like to help people. Our Agents are not technical wizards or internet gurus. They are ordinary people who have a passion for helping small and medium business owners get their businesses working online.

Unique Websites Accredited Agent

View our presentation from the Melbourne Franchise expo:

Our process is simple:

Unique Websites markets to your local area and generates leads for You. You can also generate your own leads and referrals from past clients, contacts, and any other methods you choose to use.

You meet and talk with customers, identify their needs, and help them choose the most effective options from our range of products using the unique ‘EasySales’ online management system.

You make a significant margin on the value of the sale.

Unique Websites assigns a project coordinator to your new customer who ensures that the website and/or related products they have purchased are created and delivered to the customers’ total satisfaction.

You get paid a monthly residual for the life of the customer.

That’s it - sounds good huh!

What about paperwork and administration?

The EasySales system takes care of it all. It handles your prospects, customers, quoting, invoicing and commission payments – all 100% automatically. This incredibly powerful system comes as part of every Unique Websites Agency agreement.

But don’t I need to be a web professional?

No. In some cases it’s actually a hindrance to be too much of a guru. All you need is a good understanding of how to USE the internet. We teach you the rest. What’s really important is to care about helping your customers get the best possible result.

Is this just a sales job?

Not at all. As a Unique Websites Agent you are running your own business building a portfolio of happy customers that each earn you a monthly residual payment. Think of it like a rent roll at a real-estate agent. Over time your business will be worth a handsome multiple of this revenue – not to mention the repeat, referral and new business that your Agency generates each year.

How much money can I make?

An average performing Agent should make just over $100,000.00 in their first year, with each subsequent year growing organically due to the nature of residual payments, and referral and upgrade business. A high performing Agent can easily make well over $200,000.00 in their first year if they choose to apply themselves and work hard.

Why is this an Agency and not a Franchise?

Using an Agency model has made it possible to greatly lower the cost of entry to this business opportunity for our Agents. We wanted to make this available to people who may be recently out of work or have high financial commitments, so keeping the entry price low was of great importance.

What comes with a Unique Websites Agency?

You receive a full Agency starter pack including...

  • 3 days full time intensive training followed by 6 months of weekly mentoring
  • Your own Unique Websites Agency website, tailored to your local area
  • An Apple notebook computer with all required software
  • An Apple iPhone
  • 2000 business cards
  • 5000 flyers

How do I find out more?

Call us on 1300 699 422 and ask for the Agency Selection Manager, or fill in the form below:

Enquire about becoming a sales agency

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